About AEA

The Association of Ethiopian Architects (AEA) was founded on August 1991 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The main objectives of the AEA is to create a professional forum for the advancement of Architecture, to encourage and support architectural training, research and improve related cultural traditions, to advance the general professional interests of its members and devise means for their realization and to ensure that professional ethics are observed by its members.
There are different services that the AEA renders for its members. These services are provided by the 4 different standing committees under its jurisdiction. They are: -

  1. The Publications standing committee
  2. The Exhibitions and Competitions standing committee
  3. The Professional Advancement standing committee and
  4. The Ethics standing committees

Apart from invaluable contributions towards the advancement of the profession, they also serve the dual purpose of creating a link to related professionals, governmental and private institutions and a general awareness for the public at large.
The Publications standing committee publishes the AEA annual journal which covers different views, opinions, researches and events circling around the practice of architecture in Ethiopia and abroad. This journal is distributed amongst not only the members of the association, but also, the construction professionals, private and governmental institutions in the country. Apart from that the standing committee is responsible for the publication and distribution of a quarterly e- newsletter to its members.

The Exhibitions and Competitions standing committee handle two important services of the AEA. In line with the objective of advancing professionalism and creating awareness, the standing committee organizes exhibitions during the annual meetings of the AEA, the World Architecture Day celebrations in October and other exhibitions relating to different themes. These exhibitions which feature the works of architects, both foreign and domestic, also encompass the latest technological advances in construction, materials, techniques and applications. These exhibitions are viewed by members, professionals and the general public.
In addition, the standing committee also organizes architectural design competitions for private and governmental institutions that are open to architectural design firms and its individual member architects. The objectives of these competitions which are organized nationwide are twofold. The first is the creation of a medium where architectural design works are selected based on their architectural, urban, social and economical merits by a panel of professional jury members selected by the AEA in consultation with the sponsors. And second, but equally important, is the possibility where sponsors of the competition, both private and governmental, can ascertain the selection of the best design entries from amongst a range of alternatives that are rigorously screened through a thorough evaluation process. These competitions are conducted in accordance with the international standards of UNESCO and the International Union of Architects (UIA) of which the AEA is a member.

The Professional Advancement standing committee is responsible for organizing architectural lecture series, discussions and debates amongst practicing architects and professionals. These lectures are hosted by either the AEA, solely acting according to its annual schedule of activities or in close collaboration with the academic community of the now Ethiopian Institute of Architecture Building Construction and City development (EIABC) of the Addis Ababa University (AAU). These sessions are attended by members of the academic community, invited professionals, students of the university and members from the public as well. The standing committee also organizes architectural educational tours to newly built structures and facilities for its members and related professionals where the design firm responsible for the design is invited to explain the background behind the designs and leads the guided tour through the construction site.
The ethics standing committee is responsible for the active participation of the AEA in the different initiatives undertaken in the country regarding the building standards and building laws. It is responsible for the amendment of bye laws and codes of conduct for the various operations of the AEA, regarding competitions and professional conduct. On behalf of its members, it plays a key role in contributing ideas towards the amendment of the building laws, recommendations regarding different building products and services in collaboration with the Quality and Standards Authority of Ethiopia (QSAE) and the active participation in the Construction Sector Transparency (COST) initiative launched by the Ethiopian Ethics and Anti- Corruption Commission.